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Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity opens a house for a poor family in the south of Gaza Strip

Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity has opened the house of “Abu Zuhair’s family” in the southern Gaza Strip with an active donation from Arab and Islamic countries.

The Charity declared: “The beneficiary family consists of six people who lived in an old house and worn out contained zinc Tinplate, which lacks all the elements of living life, and also the breadwinner suffers from several diseases that made him unable to work. The children suffer from skin diseases due to the high humidity and the flow of wastewater inside the house.”


They added: “After communicating with the generous donors, we built the house and its roof with concrete, and then completed the works of finishing and providing the electricity and water networks, plastering, tiles and paint and installing all supplies on an area of 100 square meters.”


The family expressed their thanks and gratitude to the donors and all those who contributed to build the house and tried hard to achieve their wishes, wishing them good luck and success.