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Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity distributes food baskets and baby milk

Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity has distributed food baskets for families and milk cans to children separately in Hajjah province in Yemen in the past few days as part of its efforts to alleviate widespread malnutrition.

The Chairman of the Charity Mr. Abdullah Al-Astal said: “The Charity pays particular attention to the people of Yemen due to the tragic conditions they are living in and the spread of diseases, epidemics and hundreds of deaths, so the Charity is working to implement many emergency relief projects to save what can be saved according to the available possibilities and resources.”


Abdullah Al-Astal added by saying: “Life has become very difficult in Yemen, where tens of thousands of people suffer from drought and malnutrition. Statistics indicate that one child dies every 10 minutes due to preventable diseases, while UNICEF described Yemen as the worst place on earth for children.”


In its turn, the Charity called on the generous donors and interested people in Arab and Islamic countries to support the Yemeni people and stand by their side in their plight to reduce the crises and disasters they live.