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Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity funds a Quran camp for the skillful students in Gaza Strip

Proceeding from the words of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): “The best one of you who learnt the Quran and then teaching it”, and taking advantage of the summer vacation, Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity funded one of the Quran camps for skilful students in collaboration with the Holy Quran House and Sunnah in Gaza Strip.

The supervisor of the Quran camp Mr. Abu Jawhar “Holy Quran is the mind of the believer and the Constitution of his life, so we need to grow our children with the Quran where a child inside him the Quran or something of it is a light in the ground amid the darkness. Therefore, since the beginning of the summer vacation we started to establish the camp and we prepared a schedule and plan carefully and accurately to achieve the best benefit for the students.”

He added: “The number of participants in the camp reached 40 students who were selected from the various centers of memorization as well as we chose the best in terms of commitment, memorization and diligence. He pointed out that the camp starts from the early morning until the noon where the paragraphs vary during this time between “the provisions of recitation and Tajweed – Fiqh lessons – the memorization and review of daily presentation place and other recreational paragraphs.”

He continued by saying: “We faced many obstacles during the period of the camp, the most important was the financial obstacle and the inability to provide the needs of the camp, therefore we contacted with Wafaa Al-Muhsenin, who rushed to contribute to the financing for the success of the camp.”

In their turn, Wafaa Al-Muhsenin 7 insisted on the need to pay attention to the emerging generations and educating them in accordance with Islamic ethics and norms, so that they will be the building blocks of their societies in the future.