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Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity carried out its first winter projects in Gaza Strip

Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity carried out its first winter projects in the Gaza Strip during the past two days by distributing clothing for 50 children from needy families through the warm winter’s campaign.

The Chairman of the Charity Mr. Abdullah Al-Astal said: “The winter projects are the seasonal programs implemented by the institution to ease the winter coldness and harshness to the poor, where thousands of families are unable to provide heavy clothes, blankets and warm to their children because of the tragic situations they are living.”

He also added by saying: “our staff is working in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, Syria, Yemen and Burma, and we will do our best to reach the largest number of needy families to help them turn their cold winter into warm and friendly, calling on the generous donors to inspect the conditions of the poor people and not to ignore them during their urgent need for help.”

It is worth mentioning that Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity launched during the past days a relief campaign of the warm winter and is currently preparing for the implementation of winter projects for refugees on the Syrian-Turkish borders.