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Wafa Al-Mohsenin implements the Winter Clothing project in the Gaza Strip

During the past few days, Wafa Al-Mohsenin Foundation has implemented a winter clothing project in Gaza Strip, to alleviate from the cold and harsh winter, as more than 500 children from poor families have benefited, with funding from the people of good in the Arab and Islamic countries.

“As part of the warm winter campaign that we carry out every year, we have implemented our first winter projects in the Gaza Strip for the benefit of children, as our goal is to reach to the poorest families and that live in remote and marginalized areas, noting that they are in the process of implementing other projects” she said.

“The situation is extremely difficult and harsh, as hundreds of families are drowning their homes due to the severe rain, and thousands are also unable to provide winter clothes for their children becuse of the high poverty and unemployment rate, and the continued unjust blockade of the Gaza Strip.” She added

In their turn, the families of the beneficiary families expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Foundation and thanked them for the people of benevolence for their support for relief and charitable projects in the Gaza Strip