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Starting the implementation of the project replace the tent to a room “Al-Wafa Village” Idlib -Syria

During the past two days, the Wafa Al-Mohsenin Charitable Foundation team impleminted a field visit in the Syrian city of Idlib to get a closer look at the project of  replace the tent to a room “Al-Wafa Village” , which is implemented by the Foundation with funding from the goodness people in Arab and Islamic countries.

The Chairman of the Foundation: Abdullah Al-Astal, “Construction work is proceeding at a rapid pace to ensure that the displaced Syrians are moved from tents to warm rooms as soon as possible, to alleviate on them from the cold winter.”

 “The region lacks a place to teach children, so we started preparing to build a school in the same village, in order to keep children and keep up with education,” he added.

In turn, the Foundation invited the people of goodness  to donate in favor of building the school to accelerate the implementation of the project.