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Opening a Residential Village for Earthquake Victims

With funding from the benefactors in Qatar, Wafa Al-Muhsinin Foundation inaugurated the Wafa Rafeeqat Al-Jannah Village yesterday, Wednesday, to accommodate the victims of the devastating earthquake in northern Syria.

 “The village consists of 100 residential units, which have been fully equipped over four months of continuous work, in order to deliver them to the families before the blessed Eid al-Adha.” Ihveder stated

“Currently, efforts are underway to build a mosque and an educational school within the village, as well as providing all necessary facilities to make the village comprehensive and meet the needs of the families.”added

The foundation expressed gratitude to the benefactors and their generosity in the state of Qatar for their prompt response and funding of this project, praying for the continued security, safety, and prosperity for Qatar and its people.