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Inaugurated a new house in Gaza strip

Wafa Al-Muhsinin has inaugurated a new house for an impoverished family in Gaza Strip, in the presence of the mayor of Khan Yunis municipality.

The foundation stated, “The breadwinner of the family is one of the hardworking Janitor , and their old house is not suitable for living.”

“After visiting the house, we immediately decided to renovate and equip it to make it in the best condition, befitting the honorable family, and providing all the necessary living conditions.” Added

They continued, “Some essential furniture items were provided for the house, such as a bedroom set, refrigerator, gas stove, washing machine, and other necessities.”

In turn, the homeowner, Mr. Abu Youssef, expressed his gratitude to the people of kindness and generosity for renovating his house and putting an end to years of suffering. He expressed his happiness and his family’s joy with the new home.