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Your donation is a Life Campaign

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Recognize to the campaign of Your donation is a Life

A ramadan charity campaign by IHVEDER, with the participation of media and content creators from several countries, will be launched from our seven areas of operation simultaneously.

Campaign target
  • To highlight the suffering of refugees, displaced persons and poor families.
  • Relief and pain relief.
  • To make of happiness for thousands of families in Ramadan.
  • Assist in providing adequate housing for Syrian displaced persons.
  • To contribute to the resolution of water shortages in Africa, Yemen and Gaza.
What characterizes the campaign of your donation is a life
  • Participation of a large number of media professionals and content creators.
  • Broadcasting from 7 States will take place simultaneously.
  • The participants will be present in the countries from which the broadcast will take place and directly convey the suffering, where your donations will be distributed and delivered.
Why are we launch a campaign of your donation is a life?
  • Ramadan is a school of symbiosis, and compassion.
  • he situation of the poor is getting harder by the day.
  • there are thousands of families still living in tents.
  • there’s kids starving and cold.
  • there’s a water crisis that threatens the lives of the people of Africa and Yemen.
What’s campaign of your donation is a life going to do?
  • Providing food packages, hot breakfast and cash assistance to 14,000 families.
  • Build a150 alternative housing units for the tent in Syria.
  • Drilling water wells in Africa, Yemen and the Gaza Strip.