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Wafaa Al-Mohsenin Foundation distributes batteries to the disabilities of wounded

As part of its efforts to serve the wounded, during the past two days Wafa Al-Mohsenin Foundation has distributed batteries for operating electric wheelchair for 10 wounded people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip,  two batteries per wounded person, by a generous donation from the people of good in the Sultanate of Oman.

“There are dozens of wounded who can only move through the electric wheelchairs, which work through batteries that are charged electrically, and we have noticed that there are a number of disabilities wounded who does not use the wheelchairs because of the lack of batteries, and they have no ability to purchase them under conditions Difficult economic situation, and accordingly we implemented the project to serve the wounded and relieve them.

In turn, the Foundation thanked the people of good in the Sultanate of Oman for their continuous support and giving to our people in the Gaza Strip, hoping that God would endow them with security and prosperity.