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Wafa Al-Muhsinin has completed its preparations for the upcoming month of Ramadan

Wafa Al-Muhsinin Charity Foundation has completed its preparations for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. A meeting was held with all of our offices across seven areas of operation to clarify the plan and implementation mechanism for this year’s Ramadan projects.

The foundation has announced that it will launch its first project, distributing food baskets to families in need, before the start of Ramadan. This will ensure that these families have adequate food for both their Suhur and Iftar during the month.

Last year, we successfully completed Ramadan projects worth over 600,000$  bringing happiness to thousands of families. This year, we aim to reach an even larger number of families in need.

The Foundation invites all compassionate and generous people to visit the less fortunate during this holy month, in order to spread joy and happiness among both the wealthy and the impoverished.