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Wafa Al-Muhsenin has carried out several visits to Turkish Officials and Charities

Wafaa Al-Muhsinin Charity Foundation, represented by its Chairman Abdullah Al-Astal and her administrative staff,  did several visits to Turkish government personalities and charities, where the visit included the advisor to the Turkish President d. Yassin Aktay, Member of Parliament Hasan Turan, Chairman of the Turkish-Palestinian Parliamentary Friendship Group, as well as the Turkish Red Crescent and the TIKA Foundation.

The visiting delegation presented a brief overview of the most important charitable projects carried out by the Foundation during the last period to serve poor families, as well as current and future projects.

The Foundation explained that these visits aim to consolidate and strengthen the relationship with the personalities and institutions supporting developmental and charitable projects and discuss ways of cooperation and the implementation of common projects.

In turn, the institutions and personalities visited praised the performance and projects of the Foundation, and its clear imprint in the countries in which it operates, wishing the Foundation further progress and success in serving the poor and refugees.