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The first twinning projects / #IHVEDER #Foundation distributing food #parcels in several countries


#Wafa_Al_Mohsenin #Charitable Foundation has started implementing the #TwinningProject – From a well-off family to a covered family- to distribute food parcels to the sponsored families within the campaign of #Ramadan_bygiving_sweetest, in each of #Yemen, #Syria, #Bangladesh, #GazaStrip, and #Al_Quds (#Jerusalem), with funding from #philanthropists in the Arab and #Islamic countries, led by #Sultanate of Oman.

Hundreds of the poorest families and sick #people has benefited from the #project, within the determinants of ensuring aid reaches those who are entitled to it.
“The #food parcel contained the basic food items for families in Ramadan. The finest types were chosen, and we were keen to distribute them before the beginning of the month of Ramadan, to ease the burdens on families and spread a #spirit of #reassurance in them,” Foundation said.

“The twinning project that we launched a few #weeks ago found by – of Allah a response from the philanthropists, and a series of projects will be implemented through it according to the schedule that takes into account the needs of #families.” added

In turn, the beneficiary families thanked the philanthropists and generosity for their giving, congratulating them on the blessed month of Ramadan, and praying to Allah to accept their intentions and bless their good deeds.

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