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Rehabilitation of Nasser Medical Complex for Reopening

Following the withdrawal of the occupation from Nasser Medical Complex, the foundation conducted urgent visits to the complex management to determine priorities for its reopening, aiming to resume medical services for our people in Gaza, especially as it is the second-largest hospital in Gaza Strip.

The foundation stated, “During the visit, we identified the priorities, which include cleaning and preparing the hospital anew after the destruction caused by the occupation. We have prepared to provide all cleaning supplies and financially support 70 staff members who will undertake this task, which will last for at least 14 days.”

“Once the first phase is completed, we will work on preparing the Accident and Emergency Department and the Dialysis Unit to return to operation as soon as possible to provide necessary treatment for patients and the injured,” the foundation continued.

The foundation called on all partner institutions and philanthropists to support and participate with us to ensure the success of the mission and the return of the medical complex to operation, given the urgent need for its services by our people.