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Provide an electric wheelchair for the wounded Palestinian Mahmoud

On Wednesday, 20/11/2019, Wafa Al-Muhsinin Charity Foundation handed over an electric wheelchair to the Palestinian amputee Mahmoud, With a donation of the benefactors of the brotherly of Sultanate of Oman and Algeria.

Through the wounded Mahmoud deep happiness to obtain the electric wheelchair, which was considered his second half, and had hoped to get it for several years, but the circumstances did not allow it.

Mahmud Said   “I thank all those who supported me and stood beside me and alleviated my suffering and brought joy to my heart, especially the people of Oman and Algeria and the Foundation of Wafaa Al Muhsinin. I will continue to pray to God to release your anguish and bless your business.”

It is worth mentioning that the Foundation is currently in the process of relief for the wounded of the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the door is still open for those who love to contribute and donate.