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Privacy Policy

Wafaa Al – Mohsnin Charity Association is an independent, non-governmental charity dedicated to alleviating poverty and suffering. Its headquarters in Turkey seeks to develop, rehabilitate and empower the segments of society, especially young people, women, children and people with disabilities, to achieve a secure and prosperous future and build an effective and sustainable force with a developmental impact on societies regardless of race. Sex or religion, and the association collects funds to manage and operate the various programs of the Association.

As it is known, information technology and communication play a vital role in the activities of organizations. Although you can access the website of Wafaa Al – Mohsnin Charity Association https://ihveder.com and browse its content without requiring you to disclose your personal data, but there are some services that necessarily require entering your own data for use. Wafaa Al – Mohsnin Charity Association is committed to protect your privacy, as this statement includes how to use the personal information on our website via internet.

Collecting and using the personal information

Your personal data identify your character such as your name, email, phone number and credit card number. These data are not available for site visitors.

We do not ask you to disclose your data except if this is important for you to participate in the activities and services of the website, such as e-donation service.

Wafaa Al – Mohsnin Charity Association exerts its efforts to protect the individual`s privacy in various ways:

  • Personal data are collected in case of extreme necessity in certain limit to protect your privacy.
  • Data will be used for a purpose then they will be deleted, unless we are legally obligated to do or act otherwise.
  • We have safeguards to protect your personal data, and the possibility of the access of specialists to these data when there is a need or when it is necessary.
  • We do not collect personal information for children visiting our website. If you are under 16 years old, so please you have to get the permission of your parents before you use the website and before providing any personal data in the website.
  • In comments service, it is possible to publish information, which are advertised, and which can be accessed, but we do not publish the email address.
  • Our website has the possibility of choosing to agree to receive emails, as we inform subscribers of any change in the website, or we inform them of the new features about the content of the website.

Confidentiality and security

We offer you the option of using standard of industry (SSL) to protect data, to send us the main personal data, credit card details and your own passwords. We have financial, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your own personal data. We have implemented security policies and technical procedures to protect the data, and it lies under our control and they cannot be used improperly, modified, or lost, also these data cannot be exchanged or sold to any third party for marketing purposes. Staff and those who deal with data are committed to respect the privacy of personal data for our visitors, and we require that data that we think they are important in order to provide services. Sometimes, the services on the website are automatic, consequently this limits the need for staff or others to view personal information. We must ensure that these personal data will not be revealed to institutions of the state or authorities except if they are required by law or other regulation.

Non-personal information

When visitors visit our website, we automatically receive some information, which is not personally identified, such as computer operating system.

Wafaa Al – Mohsnin Charity Association uses the non-personal information for the following purposes:

  • Technical management and development of sites
  • Statistical analysis marketing

Cookie Files

We may save (cookie) files on your computer when you first visit our portal. Cookie files are a kind of data that help specify you as a user. They can be used to increase your utilization of the portal and also to better understand needs of the majority of users.

Most browsers accept cookies as a default. Should you desire, you can re-configure the settings of your browser to refuse all cookies or to alert you when they are sent to your computer. Be aware that some services on the Saudi Portal will not work properly if you refuse cookies. We may or may not link information saved within the cookies with any identifying information entered through our portal.

Other websites

Any other website does not belong to Wafaa Al – Mohsnin Charity Association or any other websites don’t represent us, the association is not responsible of the content of other external websites.