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Installing a Solar Power System to Operate a Water Well in Gaza

The war in Gaza persists, intensifying the hardship and suffocation faced by its residents, leaving them devoid of essential life resources. Citizens are struggling even to secure a simple drink of water.

In its ongoing efforts to find alternatives to alleviate the plight of the people in Gaza, the foundation has installed a solar power system as a sustainable electricity source. This system aims to operate a water well that will serve entire communities.

Upon completing the installation of the solar power system and initiating water pumping, families gathered to access the vital resource. The foundation ensures the continuous pumping of water from this well and prepares to extend this initiative to other wells, ensuring their functionality.

This initiative represents a lifeline for many families, providing them with a basic necessity in the midst of challenging circumstances. The foundation remains committed to seeking innovative solutions to support the people of Gaza during these difficult times.