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In several crises places, the distribution of sacrificial meat is concluded

The Wafa Al-Mohseneen Foundation concluded, over the three consecutive days, a project of slaughtering and distribution sacrificial meat to poor families and refugees in several countries, including “Palestine – Yemen – Turkey – Bangladesh, Lebanon and the Syrian North” funded by philanthropists in the Arab and Islamic countries.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, Mr. Abdullah Al-Astal said “The sacrificial project is considered one of the seasonal and basic projects that we implement and distribute their meat to the poorest of the poor. This season, more than 3000 families and refugees benefited from the countries where the project was implemented.”


Al-Astal thanked the Benefactors for their efforts and And their interest of the conditions of the poor. He also thanked all the staff of the foundation working and supervising the project, which was keen to implement it according to the previously prepared plan.


From Al-Quds





From Yemen

From Bangladesh (Rohingya – Burma)
From Turkey
From Lebanon


From Syria – Idlib