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In #Lebanon #IHVEDER visits #Refugee #Camps and distributes alms and charities

Few days ago, a team of #Wafa Al-Mohsenin #Charitable Foundation arrived to the Lebanese Republic on a humanitarian mission, where they started their work by visiting #Syrian #refugee #camps in the city of #Arsal, northeast of Bekaa Governorate, and providing cash and alms to people in need, with the support of in the #Arab and #Islamic #countries

The #chairman of the board of the #Foundation Abdullah Al-Astal, who leaded the team, “In order to ensure being physically in the refugee camps and check at close range their conditions, we made this visit, and we were shocked by the scale of the tragedy that our Syrian people live in remote camps amid snowfall, a large decrease in temperature, and the scarcity of heating fuel”

He added, “The #Syrian people #suffered a lot and endured what is unbearable. So as part of our responsibility, the Foundation has provided several aids, ranging from distributing hot meals and winter blankets and providing diesel for heating, in addition to providing cash aids to help them purchase their basic needs, and we confirm that we will continue to implement charitable projects there, because of the #urgent need of the refugees. “

In turn, ALhaj Abu Mohammed, one of refugees in the camp, said, “We are tired of these conditions, we live in threadbare tents, we cannot provide food for our #children, the cold is #freezing our bodies. We call all organizations to increase their aids, as well as contributing to the payment of the rental fees for the lands on which the camps are located because there is no money left with people.

It is worth to mention that the city of Arsal has more than 120 camps, in which more than 120 thousand Syrian refugees have lived for several years