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İkitelli Org. San. Giyim Sanatkarlari 4c 314 Başakşehir

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#IHVEDER provides Cash Assistance to the Sellers affected by the Nuseirat disaster – Great Fire

#Wafa_Al_Mohsenin provide #cash_assistance to many of #peddlers affected by the unfortunate #fire in #Nuseirat_camp – central #Gaza_Strip, and which killed 22 victims and injured dozens.

“In addition to the loss of life for whom we wish mercy, and recovery for the #wounded, the fire caused great #economic_damage to the residents of the region, and it requires #enormous_sums to restore conditions to what they were before the unfortunate #accident,” said.

“Through follow-up and consultation with the competent authorities, #ihveder known that the #pushcarts are the capital of the peddlers, and through which many of #families live, so we decided to contribute in this way to #help them return to work again” added

We thank people of goodness for standing beside our affected families, and we ask ALLAH to accept from them the good of their #deeds.