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IHVEDER opens a well and desalination plant in Gaza  

With Indonesian funding, Ihveder Foundation opens a well connected to a water desalination plant in Al- Qarara in Gaza Strip, with the presence of the mayor and the dignitaries and the people of the neighborhood.
“We dug a well 80 meters deep in the ground, and established a desalination plant with a capacity of 15,000 liters per day.” Ihveder said
“The reality of the water in Gaza is very catastrophic, as 95% of the water in basically undrinkable, and the rates of salinity and nitrates are much higher than the specifications of the World Health Organization.” added
“In the face of this reality, the foundation seeks to provide safe drinking water, as we have established 10 desalination plants, in addition to distributing water through water tankers,” added

In return, the Foundation thanked AlQuds Volunteer Indonesia and AlAshri Group for implementing this project, and for their support to our people in Gaza Strip

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