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IHVEDER opens a desalination plant for drinking water in Gaza Strip


Within the framework of supporting water irrigation projects, Ihveder, in the last month, inaugurated the Al-Nour plant for desalination and purification of drinking water in southern Gaza Strip, with a production capacity of 12,000 L/day funded by a philanthropist from Oman.

“Our people in Gaza Strip suffer from the high level of salinity of water and nitrates, and their unfit for drinking, so people forced to buy water, which increases the burden on the family, especially in these difficult times in the strip, so the Foundation gives great importance to this sector and this work. ” ihveder said

“The locations of the desalination plants are carefully chosen according to specific conditions, the most important of which are population density, the physical situation and the living of the surrounding families, the water salinity percentage and other criteria set by the institution.”added

In turn, people of the area benefiting from the project offered sincere thanks and gratitude to the white hand from Oman who donated the station, praying to Allah for his acceptance, success and blessings in money and family.