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IHVEDER distributes monthly support to orphans and families

Wafa Al-Mohsenin Foundation began, on Wednesday afternoon, distributing the monthly support  to more than 1100 orphans and families in Gaza Strip, funding from the people of goodness in the Arab and Islamic countries.

The Chairman of the Foundation Abdullah Al-Astal “Within our humanitarian projects and our social responsibility, IHVEDER provides Monthly Orphans Support to help them provide their life and living requirements, stressing that these supports enhance the values of interdependence and human compassion and leave a positive impact on the orphans.”

He added, “The Foundation also provides support to 134 of the poor families within specific conditions, the most important of which is that the number of family members is large and lives in a rented house and has patients, noting that there are hundreds of families in Gaza Strip who need permanent security, but we work within the capabilities and resources available.”

In turn, the families of orphans and beneficiary families expressed great thanks and gratitude to the people of goodness of the Arab and Islamic nation.