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İkitelli Org. San. Giyim Sanatkarlari 4c 314 Başakşehir

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IHVEDER distributes monthly support to Orphans and Families

 #Wafa_Al_Mohsenin has concluded the distribution of the monthly #support to more than 1,000 #orphans and #families in #gaza_strip.
“We give great attention to the orphans #segment, and we are #keen on continuing their supportingdespite all the obstacles, noting that the supporting of families is carried out according to several determinants, the most important of which is the absence of family #income, exist #sick children and living in a rented #house.” #ihveder said
The Foundation thanked the #goodness_people for their continued #support to our people in #Gaza, calling ALLAH to accept and bless to them in the interest of their actions.