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IHVEDER concluded Ramadan Projects

Wafa Al-Muhsinin Charity Foundation has concluded its Ramadan projects by distributing Zakat al-Fitr on the last day of the holy month to needy families.

The Foundation stated, “We have been serving the poor and delivering the trust given to us by the people of generosity and giving for 30 days, day and night, and we have utilized all our resources to be worthy of that.”

added, “We have implemented various projects, including food parcels, Iftar meals, vegetable baskets, debt relief, home renovation, distribution of Zakat and charity, and Eid clothing.”

The Foundation continued, “Thousands of families have benefited from these projects, and beneficiaries were carefully selected according to specific criteria to ensure reaching the most impoverished.”

The Foundation pointed out that this year witnessed an increase in the number of projects and financial amounts implemented by the Foundation compared to the previous year, which indicates the increasing trust of donors in the Foundation.

In turn, the Foundation expressed gratitude on behalf of the beneficiaries to the people of goodness, generosity, and giving, for their contributions and donations, which brought joy and relief to the families and provided comfort for them in this holy month. The Foundation specifically thanked the charitable individuals in Oman, Qatar, the Muslim community in Canada, Australia, and the United States, and asked Allah to bless everyone with goodness and happiness.