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IHVDER implements a child circumcision project in Rohingya camps – Bangladesh

Ihveder during the past few days, implemented siveral phases of the circumcision of Rohingya children on Bangladesh borders,funded of good people in Oman.

“We received a message from the refugee families at Bangladeshi border, ask to save the cost of circumcision of their children in order to live up to the Sunnah of our Messenger, an increase in maintaining personal hygiene and reducing their exposure to some diseases, according to what doctors say.” Ihveder said

“We did not hesitate to serve our Rohingya people, and we immediately responded to the parents’ request, as the siveral stages was completed by circumcising 200 children and providing clothes and medical drugs, and we completed the other stages also.”added

The Foundation, in turn, extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to our people in Oman for their constant eagerness to provide relief to the poor and afflicted.

It is worth noting that there are more than a million Rohingya refugees who fled the massacres of ethnic cleansing that are being practiced against them, and they live in camps on the Bangladeshi borders without the basic necessities of life.