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Distributing Clothes to Displaced Children in UNRWA’s Schools

The war on Gaza continues for the 24th consecutive day, and with it, our projects to support and assist the oppressed people besieged in Gaza. This morning, we distributed clothing to children in several shelter schools in the southern part of the region.

The foundation stated, “Families have been displaced from their homes due to heavy shelling, leaving behind all their possessions. Hence, there was an urgent need to carry out this project, especially for the children, in order to bring back the happiness that the war has stolen from their faces.”

The next step will involve providing prayer garments for displaced and injured women in hospitals, in addition to continuing daily meal distributions, organizing medical days, and distributing food parcels.

The organization calls for ongoing support for the people in the region who are facing the toughest conditions of war and blockade, with increasing needs as the conflict persists.