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Slaughtering 30 Sheep and cooking them

As part of our Ramadan projects and our ongoing relief efforts for the people of Gaza, the Wafa Al-Muhsinin has procured approximately 30 sheep after considerable effort and research. The team commenced with slaughtering the first batch in the early hours of the morning, and the meat was then cooked and prepared to be distributed along with rice as iftar meals for families.

Stated, “These efforts are part of our continuous initiatives to provide support to our people. The team plans to continue with the slaughtering and distribution of meat in the coming days.”

Further added, “We understand the difficulties faced by our people in Gaza and their deprivation of basic rights. We affirm our commitment to providing the best and highest quality for our people, as they deserve to taste the finest food.”

The foundation reaffirms its commitment to providing support and assistance to needy communities, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and cooperation in these challenging circumstances.